Help by living and working abroad (EN version)

Living and working abroad is a fun and challenging step. It offers many possibilities and creates new experiences. Also in the Netherlands! But before you can work here as a foreigner, there are a number of necessary and practical matters that must be arranged before arrival. We provide tips to make the process easier!


  • Check whether you need a visa or residence permit. In some cases, it is a requirement to obtain a residence permit in order to legally live and work in a country. All this depends on your nationality and the length of your stay. How do you know this? Consult this at the Dutch embassy or the consulate of your country for specific information and procedures.
  • To work legally in the Netherlands, it is necessary for some countries outside the European Union to have a work permit. Again, there are specific requirements and certain procedures for this. Ask for help from authorities, such as the Dutch Immigration and Naturalization (IND).
  • Finding accommodation as a foreigner in the Netherlands can sometimes be a challenge, especially in the popular cities. Good preparation can make a difference! Start your search on time, be patient and adjust your wish list from time to time if necessary. Use online platforms that search with you and use the right filters. And if the right house suddenly crosses your path, be prepared for a possible viewing. Make sure you have proper identification, proof of income and possibly references.
  • Arranging a debit card is also an important aspect. This way you can receive your salary, pay bills and arrange other money matters. To do this, you must first open a bank account at a Dutch bank. Specific procedures and requirements may vary from bank to bank. So do your research on your desired bank and then inquire with them about the necessary documents to open a bank account.
  • Also consider matters such as arranging and converting your health insurance. It is mandatory in the Netherlands to have health insurance. There are different degrees, such as basic insurance or supplementary insurance. Learn more about the tax rules and obligations in the Netherlands. For example, you may have to apply for a tax number.
  • Consider learning the language of the country where you will be settling. This is good for your development and helps with the integration process. Look for language institutes that can help you with this or take courses.

There are plenty of preparations you can take in advance to help your integration process. It is important to note that the steps and procedures depend on the nature of the work you will be doing, your personal circumstances and the destination country. You can always ask for professional advice from organizations that focus on international employees. And perhaps the Dutch company you will be working for will help you with this process.

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